Does e-NRG bio ethanol smell?

Like most heating appliances, the burning of bioethanol may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting but will dissipate with time. Once the flame is extinguished, there will be a slight odour but, again this will dissipate into the air.

E-NRG ethanol fuel is the only fuel recommended for your EcoSmart Fire product. E-NRG ethanol fuel has the lowest odour and longest burn time on the market. The nice thing about using ethanol is that it’s not dry like gas or smokey like wood, which can be unpleasant. 

Are EcoSmart Fires easy to install?

As there is no need for a pipe connection, EcoSmart Fires are easily installed and operated. For details specifications, please request this via our contact us page.

How long does it take to assemble?

That's the best part, there is virtually no assembly required! Our freestanding fire pits and fire pit tables are designed to be placed into the desired location, secured into position and operated immediately. The hardest part of the setup is deciding the best place to place it - please can you ensure your chosen location complies with EcoSmart Fires clearance requirements, particularly concerning moving items like curtains and tree branches etc.

Can EcoSmart Fires be installed everywhere?

Pretty much! There are exceptions however as EcoSmart Fires cannot be installed into small rooms that are less than the minimum room size. Please find details of the minimum room sizes on each product page. For your safety, you must comply with the compulsory clearances and installation instructions. Further guidance on safety and installation can be found via the help page 

How does an ethanol burner work?

EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol burners are self-contained, burning bio ethanol fuel that is housed within the stainless steel container. A flame regulator controls and stabilises the flame. The ethanol burners are very simple to fill with a clear designated area for doing so. With a quick and easy shut off mechanism, you can ignite the flame and turn it off within a matter of seconds. You can find further guidance on the usage of the burners via our help page. 

Can I use another fuel? Is e-NRG bio ethanol the same as gel fuel? 

e-NRG is a liquid fuel and is NOT the same as gel fuels. Gel fuels have added thickening agents that can reduce the heat output and fuel efficiency. It can also leave sticky residue in the burner, which will eventually affect safe operation. Gel fuels are used only on burners specifically designed to use them. EcoSmart Fires are designed and manufactured to burn only e-NRG liquid ethanol. Other fuels, especially gels, are not recommended. The use of brands other than e-NRG voids the burner’s warranty.