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Ecosmart Fire XS340 Bioethanol Burner Black Stainless Steel

Compact, eco-friendly XS340 bioethanol fireplace in stainless steel or black by EcoSmart Fire

The EcoSmart XS340 has a clever design that allows this bioethanol burner to fit in even the most challenging of spaces. More compact than the XL Series, the XS340 is a slim-lined bioethanol fireplace whose minimal clearance requirements allow it to come within close proximity of its surroundings. Its stainless steel construction ensures not only long term durability but reliability under all conditions and temperatures.

This bioethanol fire insert can be easily integrated into media units, cabinetry, walls, pillars or stone benches so you can achieve the look you wish. As no utility or power connections are required, bioethanol fires are a perfect alternative to electric or gas fires.

Integrate the XS340 into a bespoke design or transform an existing indoor or outdoor fireplace - be as creative as you'd like with this simple home heating solution.

Available in stainless steel or a black finish.


  • No connections, No flue, No hassle

There’s no need for a chimney to vent harmful gases, as burning liquid e-NRG bioethanol does not produce any smoke. No utility connections required!

  • Design Versatility 

Easily integrated into bespoke settings – from specially-made cabinetry, media units, walls, floating timber to stone benches and pillars

  • Easily Extinguished 

‘Flip lid’ shut off system fits perfectly across the ignition zone to extinguish the flame, each and every time.

  • Meets UK safery standards

The XS340 Burner is BS EN16647 Compliant.

e-NRG bioethanol fires - The safer, eco-friendly fuel 

The e-NRG bioethanol fuel produces the best, most realisticbeautiful orange flames that are completely mesmerising. You and your guests will completely fall in love with the delicate flames that create a rhythmic flicker like a traditional campfire and can rise higher than any other competitor. 
The eco-friendly fuel is clean burning with no smoke, no soot and no ash. In comparison to other fuels on the market, the e-NRG bioethanol fuel not only produces the lowest odour but also has the longest burning time, putting your comfort first. This fuel has been tested on all EcoSmart Fire products, which is why we would recommend only the e-NRG brand. 

Weight & Dimensions 

WEIGHT: 3.7kg [8.2lb]

L 382 [15]
W 232 [9.1]
D 107 [4.2]


MATERIALS: Stainless Steel Grade 304, Black Porcelain Ceramic Enamel Coating
CAPACITY: 2.5 Litres [0.7 Gallons]
HEATS ON AVERAGE: 20m2 [215ft2]
MINIMUM ROOM: 45m3 [1589ft3]
BURN TIME: 5 Hours
THERMAL OUTPUT: 8.9 MJ/h - 8530 BTU/h - 2.5 kW

Read the manual carefully before operating the burner. Physical model dimensions should be verified against cut out dimensions BEFORE installation begins to confirm tolerances align.

Accessories Included:

Jerry Can
Lighting Rod
XL Baffles 
XS340 Top Tray
Bottle Adaptor


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