Five Reasons an EcoSmart Fire Bioethanol Fire Pit is the Perfect Addition for Your Garden

You already know that EcoSmart Fire bioethanol fire pits are an excellent option for enhancing the ambience of your outdoor entertaining area. What better way to extend and enhance the use and enjoyment of your garden than to add an open flame heat source? But, what are the best reasons to get yours?

  1. Environmentally Conscious

Pure ethanol is biodegradable and non-toxic. While the chemicals added to ethanol to may be toxic, the overall toxicity level of biofuel is less than that of traditional fossil fuels. Bioethanol burns cleaner than straight fossil fuels, and it is considered carbon neutral, because the plant matter used to create the biofuel absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows.        

  1. Easy Set Up and Maintenance

EcoSmart Fire bioethanol fire pits are easy to set up. Unlike other fire pits, you don’t need to consider bulky propane tanks when arranging your outdoor setup, nor do you have to worry about ensuring your fire pit has access to a gas line. With no propane tank or gas line to worry about, your placement options are limited only by your imagination and your garden is an even safer place than it would be otherwise.

  1. More Quality Time Outdoors

Having an outdoor heating solution in your garden means you have the ability to spend more time outdoors when the chilly weather would usually dictate otherwise. Whether enjoying time in your garden with family or entertaining friends, having the ability to gather around an open flame adds ambience and functionality to some of your least utilized personal space.

  1. An Affordable Upgrade

While there are many ways to improve your home, remodeling is almost always costly, and often cost prohibitive. If you want to increase the attractiveness and functionality of your living space but don’t have the funds for a drastic remodel job, an EcoSmart Fire bioethanol fire pit can be the centerpiece of a garden redesign that can significantly approve the appearance and usefulness of your living space without breaking the bank.

  1. A Diverse Selection

Not only is the ability to gather around an open flame in the garden made easier than ever with an EcoSmart Fire bioethanol fire pit, but there is a wide selection of fire pits to choose from. From bowls to pods to stix, you can choose the model that fits into your decorating vision. EcoSmart Fire even has bioethanol fire tables of various dimensions, some of which can be used indoors if garden-sitting isn’t your style.


So we have covered the five absolute best reasons to add an EcoSmart Fire bioethanol fire pit or table to your garden, or even get one for indoors! They have an environmentally conscious design. They are easy to set up and maintain. You can spend more quality time outdoors in chilly weather. They are a relatively affordable upgrade to your living space. And there are a variety of models to choose from. The only question remaining is why don’t you already have yours?