What are the benefits of e-NRG bioethanol fuel?

What are the benefits of e-NRG bioethanol fuel?

The benefits of e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel: Why e-NRG should be your fuel source.

At Live in Ambience, we strive to ensure you can enjoy the ambience of a fire that is high quality, effortless and eco-friendly. Whether you want a fire for indoors or outdoors, we provide a range of products by EcoSmart Fire, which include fire pits, fire tables, inset fireplaces and ethanol burners for bespoke fireplaces. Choosing e-NRG bioethanol fuel is not only better for the environment but makes life easier for you too.

What is bioethanol fuel?

Bio ethanol is a natural derivative of plants, made from the fermentation of the sugars contained within them. These plants can include potatoes, wheat, barley, sugarcane, bananas and more. The ethanol is denatured to form bioethanol — a renewable energy source, which has a neutral ecological balance. Bio ethanol fuel is exclusive for ventless fireplaces only.

A better choice for the environment and your health

As well as being renewable, no new carbon dioxide is released into the air when bioethanol burns, making it a much cleaner fuel than gasoline. It produces fewer emissions than if you were to burn gasoline or coal and these are non-toxic. The emissions that bioethanol fuel creates are simply heat, steam and carbon dioxide (which is re-absorbed by plants). Traditional fireplaces, on the other hand, emit carbon monoxide and smoke, both of which are harmful to your health. As well as no messy pollutants, there is virtually no odour when burning bioethanol fuel, making it especially pleasant to use indoors. e-NRG is a stable fuel source that will not pose any safety threat as long as it is stored away from an open flame.


Since e-NRG bioethanol fuel does not require venting, this makes it an efficient fuel source to use in your fireplace as you will not lose any heat up the chimney or flue (which steals heated air along with the smoke).

Less maintenance

When using a wood or coal fire, you need to clean up the ash or soot afterwards. As bioethanol fuel doesn’t produce anything like this, keeping your fireplace, fire pit, burner or fire table clean is much easier.

Long lasting, vibrant orange flames

e-NRG is renowned for not only burning clean with a low odour but also for the beautifully orange, dancing and long lasting flames it produces. The burn time can vary depending on the ethanol burner being used and weather conditions but as a general rule, e-NRG fuel will burn at an average of 1L per 1-2 hours.


This carbon-neutral fuel doesn’t require a flue or additional venting. This removes the hassle of having to install a flue or chimney and means you can place your bioethanol fire wherever you prefer, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. It also means that anyone can enjoy an open fire more easily than ever before, even if they live in a flat / apartment. 

Maximum safety

The e-NRG bottles come with a built-in flame arrester which serves to stop the flammable ethanol fuel from igniting if it comes into contact with a live flame/spark. There is an option to purchase a jerry can, which comes with a safety nozzle and bottle adaptor. This allows even easier decanting of the fuel as it comes with added safety features such as the flow-stopper, which eliminates fuel from overflowing and spilling. 

Shop our bioethanol fires collection 

At Live in Ambience, we have a vast range of eco-friendly fires that operate with bioethanol fuel. Whether you’re looking for a fire pit to enjoy in your garden, a cosy fireplace insert for your living room, a bioethanol burner or a fire pit table, we have what you need.

You won’t be limited by the size of your space either as we supply numerous sizes to fit the smallest and largest of surroundings. When space is limited, consider a mini fire pit, a low fire pit table or a corner wall fireplace. For large areas when the size of your bioethanol fire isn’t an issue, a long fire pit table, a big round fire pit bowl or a fireplace insert with decorative boxes either side may be just what you’re looking for.

Bioethanol burners are ideal for architects, interior designers and other professionals in the interior or design industry. With bioethanol burners, it’s easy to create bespoke fireplaces and fire pits. Bioethanol burners provide for a lot of design flexibility to be able to create something truly unique.

A convenient and eco-friendly way to create a cosy ambience

These ventless, smokeless and clean-burning bioethanol fireplaces provide you with a cost-effective and hassle-free heating solution for your home and garden. There’s nothing better than walking into a cosy room and watching the flames flickering in a fireplace or sitting around a fire pit in the garden as you enjoy an evening with your family or friends.

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