Cleaning my Ecosmart Fire ethanol burner.

Cleaning of the burner should be done only after you have used 50 litres (12 gallons) of fuel or as soon as you notice a black residue forming around or on the burner.

Before starting, make sure the burner is off, empty of ethanol, and at room temperature. Spray a multi-purpose cleaner on the surface of the burner and wipe with a cloth, making sure to wipe in the direction of the grain. If any material has fallen into the burner use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris through the burner opening. If your burner smells unusually strong after extensive use, remove the empty and room temperature burner from its surround and wash it in hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly under running water and wait until the burner is completely dry before placing back into its surround and reusing it.

How to Clean the XL Series Burner

How to clean the AB Series burner

Note: Stainless steel will rust or corrode over time if contamination or debris is not cleaned or removed immediately. When not in use, we recommend that you protect your fireplace from water damage or corrosion with a protective cover and the regular use of the burner lid included with your model.