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Ecosmart Pod 30 Garden Fire Pit Round Bioethanol Fires

Pod 30 outdoor fire pit bowl by EcoSmart Fire; Concrete modern bioethanol outdoor fireplace Natural (grey), Bone (white) and Graphite (black)

The Pod 30; freestanding, bioethanol garden fire pit has an elegant, classic look inspired by the shapes and forms of traditional pottery to bring you a modern outdoor fire pit. Enjoy the Pod 30  fire pit as a statement standalone or pair with the slightly larger model; EcoSmart's Pod 40, to create a striking focal point.
A charming outdoor heating solution, both the EcoSmart Pod 30 and Ecosmart Pod 40 garden fire pits provide smokeless fire whilst giving you a warm and inviting centrepiece to relax in front of, no matter the season. 
Completely eco-friendly and cost-effective, the Ecosmart Fires run on tried and tested e-NRG bio ethanol fuel "bio fires", providing you with the perfect outdoor fire pit.
Choose from 3 sleek, industrial-style concrete colours of Natural, Graphite or Bone. Included with the fireplace is black glass charcoal, adding a stunning finishing touch. 


  • Easy and portable 

With no need for a utility connection, it's easy to relocate meaning you can transform the look and feel of any area within your home when desired, both indoors and out. 

  • No installation or building needed 

Delivered right to your door so you can simply unpack, put into position, and enjoy living in the ambience. 

  • Durable and versatile 

Constructed with weather-resistant materials to ensure these appliances remain looking great throughout the years.  

  • Safe & BS EN16647 compliant 

The Pod 30 is a manufacturer-approved surround for the BS EN16647 Compliant AB8 burner. 

 e-NRG bioethanol fires - The safer, eco-friendly fuel 

The e-NRG bioethanol fuel produces the best, most realisticbeautiful orange flames that are completely mesmerising. You and your guests will completely fall in love with the delicate flames that create a rhythmic flicker like a traditional campfire and can rise higher than any other competitor. 
The eco-friendly fuel is clean burning with no smoke, no soot and no ash. Bioethanol "bio fires" are a great alternative to gas fire for this reason.  In comparison to other fuels on the market, the e-NRG bioethanol fuel not only produces the lowest odour but also has the longest burning time, putting your comfort first. This fuel has been tested on all EcoSmart Fire products, which is why we would recommend only the e-NRG brand. 

Weight & Dimensions 

  • WEIGHT: 37kg [81.57lb]
  • MODEL DIMENSIONS mm [in]: L 762 [30]W 762 [30]H 351 [13.8]


  • VOLUME CAPACITY:8 L / 2.1 Gal
  • HEATS ON AVERAGE:60m2/ 646ft2
  • MINIMUM ROOM:116m3/ 4097ft3
  • THERMAL OUTPUT:20433 BTU/h /6 kW 21.56 MJ/h
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY:7 - 11h / 8 Litres
  • APPLICATION: Indoor & Outdoor
  • MATERIALS: Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304

Accessories included

Fire Lighter
Lighting Rod
Jerry Can 5L
Bottle Adapter
Black Glass Charcoal
AB8 Indoor Safety Tray (indoor only)

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